CSM contributes to European Roadmap for Systems Medicine

The CASyM roadmap is published

After a two year cross-disciplinary consultation process, the Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM) has published its European implementation strategy (roadmap) for Systems Medicine.  The vision of this roadmap is to develop Systems Medicine into a practical framework that assists clinical decision making and the design of personalised prevention and treatment plans. Central to this is a systems approach that addresses clinical questions and provides solutions to the most pressing clinical challenges such as the results of an ageing population, increased needs for social care and a growing burden of curing and caring for patients with cancer. The roadmap which was authored and reviewed by multiple European academic and industry partners, including Prof. Jochen Prehn, Director of the Centre for Systems Medicine (RCSI), is available for download below:


Decisions, decisions: Regulation of apoptotic and necroptotic cell death in skin cancer.

Friday 5th December 2014, at 2.00 pm

Decisions, decisions:  Regulation of apoptotic and necroptotic
cell death
in skin cancer

Dr Martin Leverkus

Section for Molecular Dermatology, Department of Dermatology and
Allergology, Medical Faculty Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Dear Colleagues,

The Centre for Systems Medicine is pleased to announce another speaker of our seminar series.

Dr Leverkus’s research
is focussed on studying regulation of cell death in the skin under
physiological and pathophysiological conditions, in particular in skin cancer
cells. Specifically, his research is focussed on signalling platforms that
regulate decision processes in cell death research (Feoktistova et al, Mol CELL
2011; Panayotova-Dimitrova et al, CELL Reports 2013) as well as the impact of
small molecule inhibitors of cell death pathways (Geserick et al, Cell Death
& Disease 2014).

The talk will be held in the Houston
Lecture Theatre at 2.00pm 5th
December 2014.

You are all very welcome to attend.

Regards, Markus Rehm