Innovation/Commercialisation Activity: (e.g. invention disclosures, patents, spin-outs)

  1. SFI-Pfizer Biotherapeutics Innovation Award Programme developing a potential protein therapies for MND.
  2. Patents: Name: A Computer-Implemented System and Method for the Prediction of Cancer Response to Genotoxic Chemotherapy and Personalised Neoadjuvant Treatments (PCCP). International (PCT) Patent No. PCT/EP2012/062566 (granted). Name: Dose-response Medical Outcome Model predictor System and Method (DR_MOMP) European Patent No.11172277.3 (under evaluation). Name: Diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders (MODY) European Patent 13158015.1 (under evaluation). Name: Treatment and Prognosis of solid tumour cancers European Patent No. WO2012/131048 (under evaluation). Name: Method of treating neurodegenerative disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Patent No. PCT IE 2005/000131 – Technology licensed out to Shire, MA, U.S.A. for therapeutic use (Option License) and Athena Neurosciences/Thermo Fisher for diagnostic use (Royalties).
  3. Current Industry Collaborations: Pfizer, Groton, CT, USA (“Dimebon – Mechanisms of Action”, 2010-2011); Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA (“EPO-Derivatives and neuroprotection” 2004); Siemens Research Ireland (“Computational analysis of signaling networks”). Luxcel Biosciences, SME, Cork, Ireland (Development of user-friendly applications for single-cell imaging of oxygen content). Randox Laboratories, Antrim, UK & Northern Ireland (Sharing of knowledge and material, Testing applications of Cancer Diagnostics). Servier Laboratories, Paris, France (Collaborative Research, sharing of knowledge and ideas on clinical applications of DR_MOMP).