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  • Prof Jochen Prehn- Director of CSM
  • Dr Isabela Aparicio  (Administrative and Operations Manager)

Director of Molecular Imaging:

  • Dr Heiko Duessmann

Senior Technician & CSM Scientific Liaison Officer:

  •  Dr Helena Bonner

Laboratory Manager:

  • Ina Woods

 Data Base Manager and Bioinformatician:

  • Dr Ana Barat


Dr Hesham A. Gibriel

  • Dr Anna Matveeva, Systems Biology and Computational modelling (Colorectal cancer SFI-DEL QUB-RCSI project)
  • Dr Carmen Jeanette stepek
  • Dr Niraj Khemka
  • Dr Sandeep Chenna
  • Dr Eanna Ryan
  • Dr Emir Bozkurt

Ph.D. Students:

  • Elizabeth Jirström
  • Batuhan KISAKOL
  • Anna Blumel
  • Daria Lysiak

Research Assistants:

  • Luise Halang
  • Anna Perkowska

Honorary Lecturers

Dr Helena Bonner

Dr Emir Bozkurt

MD, PhD students

Dr William Duggan

Group Pic

Picture taken in 2015 @ lab retreat in Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Picture taken at RCSI 2015 (ALS researchers)