Recruited through RCSI’s ambitious StAR programme (, I am expanding my established research programme in Genomic Medicine and Cancer Bioinformatics at RCSI. Educated at Trinity College Dublin (B.A.), University of Manchester (M.Sc.) and University College Dublin (Ph.D.), I moved abroad to conduct post-doctoral genomics research in world-leading institutes. Having initially focused on integrative genomics studies in cancer (Nature Methods, 2010) and Alzheimer’s disease (Molecular Psychiatry, 2011), I made a strategic move into the field of next generation sequencing (NGS) in 2010. I have devoted the last 7 years of my career to using NGS for the interpretation of cancer genomes, resulting in high-impact first author publications (e.g. Genome Research, 2012; Cancer Discovery, 2013; Nature, 2014) and scientific awards.


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