Dr. Sturrock is a Lecturer in Biophysics and Computational Biology in the Department of Physiology. He received his B.Sc. Applied Mathematics from the Unviersity of Dundee in 2009. He then stayed on to complete his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Mark Chaplain and received his Ph.D. in 2013. His thesis research examined spatio-temporal models of gene regulatory networks containing negative feedback loops. Dr. Sturrock then completed a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute within The Ohio State University. Here he worked on projects in macromolecular crowding under the mentorship of Prof. Radek Erban and cell polarization under the mentorship of Dr. Adriana Dawes. Finally, he completed a second postdoc at Imperial College London with a synthetic biology group led by Dr. Mark Isalan where he worked on projects in stochastic gene expression and synthetic Turing pattern formation.

Dr Sturrock’s papers can be found here. As a quick overview a word cloud of some of the most frequently found words from his publications can be seen below.