Jochen Prehn

Director of the Centre for Systems Medicine/
Head of Department, Physiology and Medical Physics
Tel: +353 1 402 2261
Fax: +353 1 402 2447

Prof Jochen Prehn is a senior researcher at the interface of biomedical and translational research. He has been Professor and Chairman, of the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, at the RCSI since 2003, and was appointed Director of the Centre for Systems Medicine (formerly Centre for Human Protemics) in 2006.

Professor Prehn was the first recipient of the Science Foundation Ireland Fellows-Research Professorship award in 2003 and is considered an international authority on the single-cell analysis and the molecular control of apoptosis, nerve cell death as well as mitochondrial control of cell death. His research has focused on cell death mechanisms and their implication for human disease.

Prof Prehn has successfully conducted research in these four areas with a particular emphasis on bioenergetics, mitochondrial physiology, Bcl-2 family proteins and AMPK signalling. A second major research interest lies in real-time imaging of cell death signals in neurons and cancer cells, employing confocal and in vivo imaging techniques. This research includes the development of computational approaches to understand and overcome apoptosis sensitivity and resistance and cellular bioenergetics at a systems rather than single entity level. In collaboration with clinicians (pathology, medicine, and surgery), Prof Prehn translated these approaches intoclinically relevant settings, and has initiated multiple large-scale, multi-partner clinical projects such as the APO-COLON and  APO-DECIDE clinical studies.

He is a member of the RCSI Research Executive and past member of the Board of Directors of Molecular Medicine Ireland. He was founding President of  Neuroscience Ireland and is a founding member of the Irish Academy of Medical Sciences. He has acquired in excess of €15 Mio in peer-reviewed research funding as Principal Investigator, and has published over 140 original contributions (>4000 citations; h-index: 42). Furthermore he has been an invited speaker at over 90 international scientific meetings, including Keystone, Gordon, NIH and Max-Planck-Society symposia. These outstanding achievements have lead to Prof. Prehn being awarded many prestigious funding awards, including the Royal Irish Academy Inaugural Life Science Award (2009).

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