Team members

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Group members:

Dr. Christian Hellwig – Postdoctoral Researcher in Stuttgart Germany:

Frank Lincoln: PhD Student:

Past group members and associated researchers:

Eugenia Delgado Martin, MSc – PhD student

Giovani Gomez-Estrada (went to: Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany)

Jordi Sebastia (went to: NUI Maynooth, Ireland)

Agnieszka Ludwig-Galezowska (went to: Oncogene Diagnostics, Poland)

Lorna Flanagan (went to: Claymon Biomnis Laboratories, Ireland)

Maike Laussmann (went to: EMBL Heidelberg/Grenoble, Germany/France)

Egle Passante (went to: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Eugenia Delgado Martin, MSc – PhD student

Emilie Charles- Postdoctoral Researcher:

Lydia Dyck, BSc – MSc student

Prizes awarded to former PhD Students:

Maike Laussmann

– Oncology Scholar Travel Award, Cancer Research Ireland, 2008
– Invited oral presentation, EWCD Conference, Denmark, 2010

Lorna Flanagan

– ECDO Conference Scholarship, Paris, France, 2009
– EWCD Conference Scholarship and invited oral presentation, Germany, 2008
– Elected Representative of the “Postgraduate Students Union”

Christian Hellwig

– Marie Curie Actions Scholarship Award 2006
– Best 1st year PhD poster presentation, RCSI Research Day 2006
– Oncology Scholar Travel Award, Cancer Research Ireland, 2006
– Editorially highlighted paper in the Journal of Cell Science, 2010

Carla O’Connor

– Plenary talk, European Cell Death Organisation Conference, Sardinia, Italy; 2006
– First price ”Best Oral Presentation”, RCSI Research Day 2006
– Oncology Scholar Travel Award, Cancer Research Ireland, 2006

Former MSc Students:
Jennifer Lennon, Judith Rauen (co-supervised with J.Prehn), Magdalena Zebrowska (co-supervised with D. Kalamatianos, NUIM), Joanne McKiernan, Lydia Dyck

Summer Research Students and Final Year Projects in Pharmacy:
Stephen Kearney, Nicole Scheumann, John Sullivan, Sven Fengler, Bartlomiej Tomiczek, Deidre Boland, Agata Lichawska, Eimear Costelloe, Kamil Jastrzebski, Sean Oisin Flynn

SFI STAR program – “Teachers in Research”:
Partick O’Malley (2006), Laura Barry (2007)


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