Team members

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  • Prof Jochen Prehn
  • Patsy Connolly (Secretary)

Computational Modeling:

  • Heinrich Huber, Ph.D. (Co-PI)

CSM Manager:

  • Lone Skoubo Bertelsen, Ph.D.

Director of Molecular Imaging:

  • Heiko Duessmann, Ph.D.

Data Base Manager and Bioinformatician:

  • Klaudia Sikora, Ph.D.

Laboratory Manager:

  • Ina Woods

Research Engineer Image Analysis and Biostatistician:

  • Jasmin Schmid, M.Sc.


  • Dr. Gerhardt Bourkes (Colon cancer biomarker, breast cancer biomarker)
  • Dr Lorna Flanagan (Colon cancer, APO-COLON)
  • Dr Sean Kilbride (Bcl-2 family proteins, mitochondria, neuroscience, diabetes)
  • Dr Beatrice D’Orsi (Neuroscience therapeutics)
  • Dr Shona Pfeiffer (Neuroscience therapeutics, diabetes)
  • Dr Sergio Perez (Neuroscience biomarker, sensor development)
  • Dr Orla Watters (Neuroscience therapeutics)
  • Dr Britta Engelbrecht (diabetes)

Ph.D. Students:

  • Andreas Lindner, Dipl-Ing. (Bcl-2 family modeling, ER stress modeling) (SFI student)
  • Niamh M. Connolly, M.Sc. (AMPK signaling modeling, Excitotoxicity modeling), (Co-Supervisor) (HRB Scholar)
  • Ujval Anil Kumar, M.Sc. (Excitotoxicity HCA, AMPK signaling), (NBIP student)
  • Franziska Walter, M.Sc. (Single cell imaging of ER stress responses) (SFI student)
  • Katie Nolan  (ER stress and miRNAs) (HRB Scholar)
  • Karen Coughlan (AMPK: signaling and therapeutic target) (NBIP student)

M.D. students:

  • Dr Karen Boland (Colon cancer biomarker and therapeutics)
  • Dr Kieron Sweeney (GBM therapeutics)
  • Dr Phil O’Halloran (GBM therapeutics)
  • Dr Siobhan Bacon (Diabetes biomarkers) (Co-supervisor)

Research Technician:

  • Ross Gallagher, M.Sc.

Research Nurse:

  • Joan Kehoe, Colorectal cancer research nurse (Beaumont Hospital)