Biomarker Discovery

There is sufficient clinical evidence that the key to decreasing colorectal cancer (CRC) related mortality is early diagnosis through effective screening. A primary focus of the CSM is the development of a CRC specific diagnostic test which will increase early detection which is necessary to prioritise those patients in need for colonoscopy, and to decrease the  morbidity and mortality from this disease.  The centre aims to clinically validate a minimally invasive, inexpensive, CRC specific serum diagnostic test based on the presence of specific tumour-associated antigens that we have identified in previous work.  Our aim is to deliver a serum-based, non-invasive test that can be performed in routine clinical laboratories and will aid in the stratification of patients for colonoscopy. We believe that the development of such a test has the potential to greatly impact on the delivery and quality of clinical services in Ireland and elsewhere. Furthermore, through appropriate future commercialisation, the current clinical project has the potential to increase the capacity of Ireland as a knowledge-based economy.

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