‘Genetics of Diabetes’ Prof. Graeme Bell, University of Chicago

The Centre for
Systems Medicine is delighted to announce another speaker to its 2015 seminar

Prof. Graeme Bell

University of Chicago

Houston Lecture Theatre, RCSI, 4.30pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

‘Genetics of Diabetes’

Dr. Bell’s research
focuses on the genetics of diabetes mellitus and the biology of the
insulin-secreting pancreatic beta-cell.

 He and his colleagues
are using various genetic approaches to map and identify the genes that affect
development of type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as diabetic complications. They
carry out studies in both humans and mouse models to determine the mechanisms
by which the diabetes genes they identify affect blood glucose levels. Their
studies of pancreatic beta-cells are focused on understanding the
transcriptional regulatory networks that determine normal cell function.



  All very welcome to
attend, Prof. Jochen Prehn