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former PhD students in co-supervison with Prof. Jochen Prehn

  • Niamh M. C. Connolly: Niamh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering (B.E.) from UCD and a Masters in Biomedical Science (M.Sc.) from NUI Galway. She completed her PhD with the RCSI in 2013 and continues to work at the RCSI as a Post-Doc. Her research combines theoretical and biological approaches to understanding neuronal signalling and decision processes during excitotoxic\oxidative stress.
  • Andreas Lindner: Andreas is a graduated engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur FH, equivalent to BE or ME) in bioinformatics from the university of applied sciences Weihenstephan in Germany. He also accomplished a vocational training as IT Application Specialist. His project focuses on the mathematical modelling of sensitivity of cancer cell lines and patient tumour tissue to genotoxic stress.

Past trainees of collaboration partners I work with

  • Fernando Lopez-Camaal: Fernando is a student of Prof. Richard Middleton, NUI Maynooth. Fernando has a Batchelors Degree in Mechatronic Engineering and a Masters Degree in Control Theory.
    In this collaboration we focus on mathematically analytical models of spatiotemporal signal transduction for growth signals in skletal muscle cells (as a model for large, extended cells)
  • Crina Maria Ionescu: Crina is a student of Prof. Jaroslav Koca, CEITEC, BRNO, Czech Republic, She has a degree in Quantum Chemistry
    In this collaboration we investigate the biophysical mechanisms behind structural and functional changes of apoptosis molecules