Colorectal Completed Projects

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  • Development of personalised medicine approaches for the clinical application of IAP antagonists in metastatic and high risk early stage colorectal cancer SFI


  • A systems-based patient stratification tool of Bcl-2 family protein interactions to evaluate acute treatment responses in rectal cancer patients


  • BCL-2 family proteins and cellular bioenergetics in the control of cell survival: Towards novel predictive and prognostic markers for disease progression and therapy responses in colorectal cancer patients


  • HRB Translational Award: APO-COLON: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of factors contributing to apoptosis resistance in colorectal cancer: Evaluation of new prognostic and therapeutic avenues


  • HRB Patient-Oriented Research Award: Pro-caspase -3 as a Biomarker for Treatment Responses in Colorectal Cancer


  • HRB Patient-Oriented Research Award: Serum Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer