Exploiting addiction to apoptosis inhibitors in cancer

 Exploiting addiction to apoptosis inhibitors in cancer

Speaker: Dr Daniel Longley, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast
Monday 6th October 2014, at 4.00 pm

Dear Colleagues,

The Centre for Systems Medicine is pleased to announce another speaker of our seminar series, Dr Daniel Longley.

Dr Longley’s research is focussed on overcoming drug resistance by activating cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells. Specifically, his research is centred on the
pre-clinical and clinical development of small molecule inhibitors of
anti-apoptotic proteins, including novel drug delivery strategies, and the
identification of predictive biomarkers to enable the targeted use of novel
anti-cancer therapeutics in molecularly-defined patient populations.


The talk will be held in the Cheyne Lecture Theatre at 4.00pm 6th October 2014.

You are all very welcome to attend.


Markus Rehm

Centre for Systems Medicine