Congratulations to Meshal Alanezi

Congratulations to Meshal Alanezi (3rd Year Direct Entry Medicine student) who has been awarded the 2015 RCSI Faculty of Radiologists Fielding Medal for the best medical undergraduate radiology project in a medical school on the island of Ireland . Meshal’s project was completed as part of his “Student Selected Component (SSC)” research placement in the RCSI Laboratory of Tumour Biology & Molecular Imaging (PI Dr Annette Byrne, Graduate Entry Medicine & Department of Physiology & Medical Physics, RCSI Centre for Systems Medicine). The winning project was entitled “Pre-clinical interrogation of Regorafenib response in colorectal cancer using a multi-modality molecular imaging approach” and was supported by Science Foundation Ireland funding received by Dr Byrne in the context of the ‘Colofortell’ Career Development Award (