Dr. Kate O’ Connor is selected to pitch her work to SFI summit

Dr. Kate Connor is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the RCSI Laboratory for Tumour Biology and Molecular Imaging directed by Dr. Annette Byrne (Senior Lecturer), in the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics. Dr. Connor is funded under an SFI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) with the goal of the project to  develop a novel therapies for  a form of incurable brain cancer (glioblastoma).

Part of the TIDA award requires researchers to participate  in the SFI/EI  ‘Get Started Technology Venture Programme’ held at the esteemed DCU Ryan Academy of Entrepreneurship. This program aims to highlight the feasibility of an innovative idea for further commercial exploitation and develops awareness of entrepreneurship and the commercialisation process for researchers in the early stages of the commercialisation pipeline.

The final day of the program took place on Nov 4th with researchers presenting their work to a panel of investors and judges with the aim of highlighting the significant scientific and commercial impact of their research. Winners of this ‘dragons den’ style event have also been given the opportunity to present their pitch at the SFI Summit meeting which took place on Nov 14th in Croke Park. After the event, the organizers prepared another surprise for the participants. 

Dr. Connor was among 4 other successful candidates who were chosen to present their winning pitches at the Summit next week. This event was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the project and to potentially gain investment for future work towards translation of new therapies to brain cancer patients.

Dr. Connor successfully won the popular vote of which presentation deserved further investment.

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