RCSI Beaumont Cancer Centre issues its first edition of it’s annual Magazine designed to inform the public of its Cancer Research and Research projects and infrastructure

Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre magazine published with The Irish Times

The Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre reached a milestone last week as they marked one year of accreditation by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), Europe’s accreditation body for standards in cancer research, education and clinical care.

The outstanding work of the Centre was highlighted by The Irish Times, in a special supplement, Pioneering Cancer Centre, published with this weekend’s newspaper.

The magazine vibrantly illustrates the Centre’s collaborative approach to drive cooperation between specialists in research and clinical spheres within a culture of learning to inspire and empower the health workforce of tomorrow.

see pages 14 and 15 in the link below for information on the role of the Centre for Systems Medicine in this initiative.