Dr Heiko Duessmann hosts a image processing workshop at RCSI

To tackle the bottleneck between advanced microscopy data generation and the computational skills required for its analysis a workshop successfully ended in RCSI yesterday. By leveraging open-source tools like FIJI and napari, participants learned to automate image analysis, enhancing the precision, efficiency, and reproducibility of their research. This two-day event, led by experienced core facility staff from the Francis Crick Institute and King’s College London, offered a practical approach to mastering quantitative analysis and workflow automation, essential for advancing research across multiple domains.


Dave Barry, Francis Crick Institute

Martin Jones, Francis Crick Institute

Stefania Marcotti, King’s College London

Temilade Adegoke, University of Limerick

Brenton Cavanagh, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Moein Azimi, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Organisers:Kerry Thompson (CZI/NUIG), Heiko Duessmann (RCSI)

Thanks to all of the funders

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