Future Neuro Centre Researchers achieve another boost in SFI Funding to launch Phase 2

Within the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics we have two Centres: The Centre for Systems Medicine (CSM) and Future Neuro Centre (FN), both of which are hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland- The FN centre has just achieved a massive boost in funding

– total of 17.9 M Euros!

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FutureNeuro was founded to revolutionise the fight against brain diseases by advancing our knowledge, developing technologies to improve diagnosis, and delivering life-changing treatments. In this next phase, our horizons and innovation are transforming. We’re exploring the human genome in remarkable ways and using new technologies to image deep within the brain, to find the causes of disease and make precision diagnoses. We’ll use these discoveries to develop the medicines of the future, including gene therapy. And our digital health research is creating real-time healthcare systems that transform diagnosis and management and lead the charge with clinical trials. We don’t do this alone, we engage with the public and other key stakeholders, working to reduce the stigma of brain disease and informing policy to drive global impact.

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